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14 W Muskogee Ave, Sulphur, OK 73086, USA

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    Dawn Schaper
    June 13, 2022

    I was in Sulphur for a conference with three other ladies. We arrived in town on a Tuesday evening and stopped in for dinner. We had big plans to explore around town and try other places out but ended up so impressed with the food, prices, and service that we actually ended up coming in three times. We had dinner once, and even though it was close to closing time, the crew was friendly and accommodating. We had breakfast there both mornings we were in town. We had the same positive experience each time. They are efficient with a small one or two-person setup. There was a steady stream of customers each time we were in but the place was exceptionally clean every time we were there. I would definitely recommend Bedre' to anyone traveling in or through Sulphur.

    Flip Out
    May 15, 2022

    Bedre’s Cafe has a nice variety of sandwiches, drinks, and treats, a perfect stop on a hot day. Mrs. Flip Out had their Chiller, which was a frozen mocha drink. She really enjoyed it. I tried their Arbuckle shake and it was really good. What set this cafe apart for us was their customer service. The servers went above and beyond when handling Little Flip Out’s order, and we really appreciated their customer service.

    Nomadic Adventures
    June 14, 2022

    Do you LOVE sweets, shakes/PROTEIN shakes?! Do you like unique retro 50’s diners? Do you like feeling like you’ve walked back in time? Do you Like experiencing/living intense nostalgia for a pocket in time that youve never actually existed?! then this ABSOLUTELY A MUST STOP!! I was all around AMAZED about every aspect of this adorable lil place… first off it’s incredibly easy to find, since it’s literally on the corner of the middle of everything… and really the only place I saw in a moment of pure hanger… But the outside view is epic in itself, like a walk back in time to small town America, where you want to walk around window shopping (idk I didn’t have the luxury of time to know if there was anything worth seeing though 😅 but definitely wanted to) And the inside was SPECTACULAR!! i don’t even know where to begin!!! I felt like the entire place sparkled with that nostalgic 50’s magazine ad twinkle… I mean 100% everything I picture thinking about that era! THEN, for added excitement, they actually have and sell their own line (I might be lying about it being “their” brand, idk) of packaged sweets and goodies… and GUMMIES!!! Yes they have gummy 🐻 😆😆 so yes this place hit every happy button on my heart, inducing child-like uncontainable excitement! Ohhh and the snickerdoodle cookies that are literally bigger than your face are LIFECHANGING!! Don’t let the steep price make you miss out on that mouth-gasm! Lol Now for the actual dinning experience… Im hoping it was just a case of a new/nervous/first day employee, (which is easily forgiven) but we ordered 1 choc shakes 1 white choc blended coffee(frappe) and nachos and a 3pk of cookies which totaled like $17? But by the time the Nachos came insanely fast… like at the same time as my frappe we realized that after repeating it 3x the never ringed up or made the choc shake…. So we had to go back re-order/repay for it… but atleast they weren’t busy we didn’t have to waiting in line or anything … But all in all its definitely a place I’ll revisit if I’m ever passing back through…. It was a great milkshake pit stop to help cool you off before hiking around down the street.

    Mary Candler
    July 31, 2022

    Food was great and service was the best! Can't say enough wonderful things about the service. Also, this place was exceptionally clean. Save room for ice cream!

    J G
    October 25, 2022

    Food and drinks were great as well as the service.

    Bedré Cafe

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    14 W Muskogee Ave, Sulphur, OK 73086, USA

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