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    Kyle Pearce
    September 06, 2023

    Friendly service but I came for what they are known for.. The Whopper.. It was a disappointment to say the least.. meat was awful and old tasting.. french fries were at least a day old.. the texture was similar to chewing a dry, brittle sponge with salt.. would highly NOT recommend this place. Wouldn’t surprise me if this particular Burger King goes out of business in the near future..

    Christa Baker
    November 04, 2023

    Oh wow! Where to start?? Food sucks! NEVER fresh. I think I could be the first order of the day and the fries would still be limp and soggy and the burger the texture of a hockey puck. ALL the employees that I have dealt with are extremely rude and uneducated. I've only been a few times because I live close by and its convenient when you need food for kids. If you're in a hurry you think you're in luck because there is NEVER a line. But for some reason they still ask that you pull up. I literally looked in my mirrors and seen NO cars both times they had me pull up.?? And yes ! Food was cold and even the kids complained. This location hires what seems like Young thugs that can't get a job anywhere else. You'll see if you dare to eat here. If you receive a smile you better check your burger. Something isn't right. I love BK . Always have. Just not this one. This one needs a new owner or needs to be shut down. Immediately!

    Tiffiany 22
    October 01, 2023

    We stopped while traveling bk to Oklahoma from Galveston. This is BY FAR the best tasting BK I have ever been to. The customer service was pleasant, ZERO ATTITUDE? I get so much attitude in OKC that I began thinking it's in the handbook. My Impossible whopper was perfect! Please come to OKC and retrain their employees. I thank this location for showing me what its really supposed to taste like. 😁

    F Sowecki
    July 30, 2023

    I have stopped at this location many times on my trips through Gainesville and the young blonde lady that was always on duty during breakfast hours really made improvements over the last couple years! She was efficient and friendly and made the drive-thru experience a pleasure. But I stopped here for breakfast one day last week and it was a complete disaster! They had approx. six employees that were all completely clueless! The order-taker wasn't listening to anything I asked for and couldn't figure out how to take my very simple order in the drive-thru. When I asked for a small cup of ice water with my breakfast and coffee, she tried to charge me for a milk, and the other employee spilled my coffee and then handed me a cup of lemonade that was leaking through the bottom. I didn't even order a milk or a lemonade. It appeared as though they had all just started on the job and it was obvious that none of them had received any training whatsoever. I asked about the blonde lady that usually took my order, and they said she was no longer working there. After waiting for them to try to figure out how to correct my order, I got upset and they had the audacity to tell me I was giving them attitude! I was about to lose it, so I just asked for my money back so I could go elsewhere and finally get some breakfast. They couldn't even figure out how to refund my money in the register, so they just handed me cash even though I paid with a credit card. Absolutely horrible service! This location has not only lost me as a customer, but they are definitely going to lose a lot of other regular customers!

    Matt Whited
    October 16, 2023

    ordered online and when I arrived to pickup my order they informed me they were out of burgers and bacon and cheese, then refused to cancel my order or refund my money $38.46. Tried to contact customer service and they were no help either. Still haven't received a refund. All in all this place isn't good and last few times the food has been cold. Whataburger is right across the street and I would suggest eating there.

    Burger King

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