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1505 S Austin Ave, Denison, TX 75020, USA

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    jennifer wood
    June 25, 2018

    The rooms are decent but the bed bugs are HORRIBLE the house keeper is nasty she doesn't clean anything. The towels they would give us would smell like piss and cigarettes. Oh and she will also smoke in your room while "cleaning" it. Also they expect 800 a month and they tell u you have to give them a deposit but refuse to give it back to you once u leave. The manger is rude. & a very sneaky person. So watch out!!!!

    Trevor Limmer
    February 17, 2021

    We were in an emergency situation during winterpocalypse 2021 and the room was warm and bug free. I saw evidence that bugs once existed but it looks like they were exterminated. Other than that our door didn't lock properly, bathroom door didn't shut, toilet didn't flush, shower looked like a horror movie shower, bed was a rock, and smell of smoke was unbearable.

    Joshua Dooley
    August 23, 2017

    Moved to Texas 8 months ago had a nice house but had some misfortune with the house I was renting. And had to move into this place to get by till I found a new house. The new owners have cleaned the place up with the drugs and hookers. But have seen cockroaches and the place is riddled with bed bugs. I have never in my life seen a bedbug till I stayed here. When I left I pretty much threw everything away that I brought into the room. Bought new clothes and shoes. They also advertise Wi-Fi but you can never pick the signal up so there's no point in getting your hopes up. This place is disgusting. It's owned by Indians that moved her from India. They don't care about their guests. Updating my review. 5 months later and I am still getting rid of bed bugs in my damn car. Pulled the carpet up and they are everywhere. This hotel is a joke he need turned in. I don't know where too but I am gonna look and turn his ass in. Before I left I proved to him about the bed bugs and he called me a liar I had the dead little bug bodies in front of him. Also showed him the back of the head board where they were all living.

    Payten Bandy
    July 22, 2018

    This place is full of rude owners.. Like an hour before called and asked if they had any rooms available and the man said he had plenty of rooms available.. Went there to pay for a room and the owner told us they where full.. So me and my husband soon found out that they denied us because we had a truck full and seen that we had kids.. They where a gross looking place had meth heads and people just hanging outside drinking publicly looking trashy. Heard they are filled with bed bugs.. And horrible housekeeping there office smelt like piss.. It was just an all around horrible experience wouldn't recommend them at all looks like small rooms anyways.. And to add on the owners have all 2016 cars but there hotels are trash pretty pathetic..

    anna croff
    August 27, 2016

    This place needs to be shut down now and I mean now the place is falling apart I was there and my room was paid for a week they took my money back said the rent was not paid then made me leave for nonpayment but I found out the real reason was I had to call the cops because my door handle fell off and I was stuck in my room fire hazard big time I tried them to come and let me out but because the fools don't answer the phone after 10 pm (what a way to run a hotel phone should be answered 24/7) these people are extremely racist I've heard them being racist myself then I go visit someone there and they want to call the cops on me the don't knock on the door they just simply walk in on you so keep your door locked at all times and the house keeper is a thieve and can literally assault anybody she wants so watch yourself if you decide to check into here. It's not safe I think we all need to work on shutting them down

    Cardinal Inn Motel

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