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    Cassidy Long
    April 27, 2024

    I hesitate to even give one star just to write this review. I wish I read all of these reviews because we had just about the same experience, so it seems they have no interest in fixing issues that have been going on for months. We walk in late with our baby who needs to go down for bed. We are stuck at the front desk for I don’t even know how long because the employee had no idea what he was doing. He told us he didn’t even want to work up front, but here he was. We told him our name and he asked if we needed the accessible room, we said no. He took forever when we made this reservation over a month ago and had already paid. He asked if we’re here two nights and we said no we are here one night, and showed him our confirmation email. He wouldn’t even look at it, and kept telling us we definitely have 2 nights and it’s 300 something dollars. I asked if he could check again that it’s under the correct name, and it was in fact the wrong person, even though he checked our ID and everything. I’m still sitting here holding my baby, I think all is well now, and he goes “no no no no”. My husband asks what’s going on, he says nothing, then calls the manager in front of us and says he double charged us. We said it’s no big deal and he assured us we will be refunded in 5-7 business days (we’ll see). Finally, we’re ready to enter our room, except the elevator hardly works. I was already envisioning being chopped in half once I stepped out. We arrive at our room and it’s probably 85 degrees and the ac doesn’t work. The sink doesn’t drain. The towels are dirty. If we hadn’t already put our baby down once we realized the AC wasn’t even gonna cool the room down, we would’ve asked for another room. We had to leave the door open the entire morning as we got ready because at least the hall was cooler. But it wouldn’t have helped anyway because in the morning we noticed box fans everywhere downstairs. Once we left, no one was up front but we saw the manager sitting at her desk in the back room behind the front desk. We told her about what was going on, she couldn’t even be bothered to get up from her chair as she gave us a thumbs up in response. I’m not joking. No apology or anything. Anyway we will never stay at a comfort inn again.

    Beckie Ochs
    May 12, 2024

    This was by far the worst No check in customer service. The elevators scary, you basically had to punch the button to get it to move, no ice, rooms stink. The door to my room looked like someone tried to break into it. La Quinta right next to it stay there, even if the price is higher it’s worth it to stay at a better place.

    Luis B
    March 12, 2024

    If you are looking for a room just for the night then it's ok. But I definitely would not recommend this place for more than a one night stay. None of the ice machines work, I was first given a single king bed standard room when I reserved a double queen suite. There were no towels in the bathroom, the room had a desk but no chair, the couch was sagging in the middle and barely supported someone sitting on it. There are two elevators, I never saw the second one working and the main one you had to slam on the buttons to get them to work or you weren't going anywhere. There are options right next door for similar prices that are much better, save yourself the hassle and look elsewhere.

    Hannah Brown
    March 02, 2024

    I have been staying here for roughly a month now for work (if I got to pick the hotel accommodations I wouldn’t be staying here). This is by far the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at. I don’t think I’d even call it a hotel, more like a motel. I’m honestly disturbed by the lack of cleanliness and lack of motivation to fix these issues. There is so much potential here but evidently no one cares to put the effort in. I don’t know how to stress it enough DO NOT STAY HERE. Here’s a few things we’ve encountered while staying here: bed bugs, roaches, mold in the AC units, pull out couches that are so built up with gunk they are sticky, pull out couches that are so broken you cannot sleep on them, multiple carpet stains, stained bedding, tvs that barely work, non stop dripping faucets, broken AC units that make a miserable sound 24/7 so you can’t even sleep with it on, NO MATTRESS COVERS the sheets themselves barley fit on the beds so every morning you will wake up to your face/body laying on a bare stained mattress that is contaminated with bodily fluids, bugs, dead skin, and other bacteria. It’s simply unsanitary and I can’t believe this place is even allowed to stay open under these conditions. Their solution when a bed bug was found was to simply move the guest to another room… when there’s one there are more and they aren’t likely to stick to that one room. The room keys also hardly ever work, they can’t be put next to your phone or debit cards or else it deactivated them and staff will get annoyed although it’s not your fault. Every single night we go to bed feeling very itchy and disgusted knowing how unsanitary the beds are and the air we are breathing from these moldy AC units. We have not been offered a single thing for compensation from our less than bare minimum quality stay here, and not even any true solutions to fix the sanitary issue. When I woke up at 3am to myself laying on a bare mattress due to the sheets coming off (that never stay on because they don’t fit) I went to the front desk to address the issue and the lady tried to act like the house keeping staff is supposed to be putting on mattress covers and simply slipped up…. If that’s the case then why are you not offering me a mattress cover right now? Why have all of the 8 different rooms we’ve had here been without mattress covers?? Honesty goes a long way because I can see right through the lying and it makes an already horrible situation way worse because now I don’t even respect the staff. I’ll include pictures (pics will include: bed bugs, mold on wall and in AC unit, stained mattresses that aren’t protected by any sort of mattress cover beyond a thin sheet that doesn’t fit, the shower faucet that non stop leaks, the cleanliness condition of shower when I first arrived to this room and more! I don’t even want to check the underneath of the mattress because I’m scared of what I’ll find.

    Cheryl Manker
    May 14, 2024

    I like the brand, but despise their new online hassle so I booked with Priceline although I'm a rewards member. UGH. BUT! Liz, at the front desk was great! Over and above. Her sweet nature puts even the most exhausted traveler at ease. The room was huge and the beds were comfortable. Too bad I didn't get my points, but this was a good hotel stay.

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