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    Victoria Ford
    December 27, 2023

    This has got to be the worst DQ I’ve ever experienced. The wait was okay, I order grilled chicken so I know it’s gonna be 7-12 minutes which is standard. The lady who gave me my order said “thank you,love you,bye!” As to rush me out of the drive thru after I had been patiently waiting. Then slam the door shut immediately after handing me my food. They forgot to give me my receipt, and when I did receive it I could only make out a portion of what’s on it because they’re almost out of ink. The sandwich was odly very salty but I dealt with it, my ranch was literally expired. It tasted so disgusting and smelt awful. I had not had anything to eat so again I took it in stride. My last straw after was the pubic like hair in my food. I completely lost my appetite, not to mention I know for sure it was not my hair because mine is light brown and the hair was black. The lady told me oh it came packaged like that with the hair. If you put hair and chicken on the grill together the hair would burn. I’m never coming back here so gross.

    zanne Christman
    January 06, 2024

    Customer service is not their forte. Never a smile to be seen and short with you. I literally ordered a banana split, and when i got home, I realized there was no banana. I called back and asked them to make a new one and was told that they had been out of bananas for a week. Why sell a banana split when you have no bananas. No offer of refund or an apology whatsoever. Whoever manages this place should be fired, and every employee retrained on customer service and hospitality basics because they miss the mark in every way. Also, their hours are sporadic. They showed to be open till 10pm, and when I showed up at 845, they were closed.

    Jesse Matlock
    July 12, 2022

    Just left this DQ location after ordering 5 Hunger Busters with the works, Ketchup, Mayo and Mustard and 5 Lg Fries. The lady at the window was short and rude. Usually you get a receipt on the bag, or in the bag, when you get your food.. no receipt here. A while down the road, we realized they didn't add any ketchup or mayo.. on any of the burgers. Poor service, poor attitude and poor food prep. Not happy. We usually go to the one off HWY 11, when we do get fast food, and they nail it, every time. Sad this location can't fulfill a simple order. UPDATE: 06/10/2022- Ok, so with thinking it could have been an 'off' day for their team, etc.. we decided to give it another shot at this location. We ordered 4 Hunger Busters with ketchup, mayo, mustard and all the veggies. The lady, who was rude last time, came to the register as if she'd recognized the order and talked with the young lady handling this order - the second lady was polite, if short, in her responses. We got the burgers and checked that they had the condiments ordered.. they did. YAY! On we go.... We went home to find, and I'm not kidding, I believe they purposefully smashed the burgers. I opened my burger wrapper, took a couple bites and realized, "This thing is almost flat!" The burgers weren't pressed into the bag at all.. but EVERY SINGLE burger bun was flat, smashed flat.. like someone was trying to be funny, or vindictive, and smashed them on purpose. Ok. Whatever. You got us for ordering what we wanted. Shame on us. We get to eat flat burgers. #end-sarcastic-rant Yeah, won't be going back to this location. IF there is a manager on-site they are either inept or complicit by allowing their team to provide such exceptionally poor service AND. I hope this gets run up the chain.. so there can be some positive changes made here.

    Summer Crockett
    March 22, 2024

    I ordered a blizzard and it is just melted ice cream. It wouldn’t pass the turn upside down test. This is probably why she didn’t turn it upside down. It didn’t even taste like a blizzard. I just ended up throwing it away.

    Cypruss Allen
    April 09, 2024

    Could be better when I got my stuff it was like completely melted

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