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    Ben Ray
    November 24, 2023

    I took my 2016 Dodge Journey in because of an engine noise that can clearly be heard driving the vehicle. I was told by another mechanic that it could be an axle issue without looking or hearing the engine and he could not fix my vehicle at the time. I took it to John Chaks which I received a call about an hour after dropping it off. They said there was no noise, I was taking back by the comment. I said it clearly was making a noise. They said they would look at it again. I got a call about three hours later stating the noise was from the transmission mount and they had replaced. They also stated my oil pan was damaged and needed replaced along with spark plugs giving me a total of $1500 to fix everything. I just paid the $550 for replacing the mount and got my vehicle back. They did not fix the noise problem just dampened it, failed to find the real problem, and the noise came back 5 days after “repair”. I also retained the transmission mount they removed from the vehicle. Same mechanic friend replaced motor mounts and transmission mount 2 months prior to John Chaks and I had an oil change 3 weeks before John Chaks. Mechanic friend said there was nothing wrong with transmission mount and found a crack in the manifold. The oil pan was not damaged, it was leaking from adhesive failure. I will not be using John Chaks again and I would not suggest them. Honest and fair is what I wrote about. Your mechanic said DAMAGED oil pan, the car was not fixed and I was told it was still making the noise but it was way less than it was before. Hence still a problem but we’re not going to find out why. You solved nothing and cost me money, that’s honest.

    Alan Souther
    August 24, 2023

    I took my car in to John Chaks Auto to get the AC working. They called and said it had a bad relay and when they put a temporary relay on it, it worked great and blew cold air. They said it would cost 453.77 to replace the relay and charge AC. I don’t mind paying a premium if the work is good, so I said ok. Today they called and said the relay did not solve the issue and gave me a long list of AC parts that they said were required. They wanted over $1600 additional dollars to make repairs. Still no mention of the compressor which is typically the most expensive AC part. I refused and went and picked up the car. It still blows super hot air just like before, but they still charged me $453.77. I have been in industrial maintenance for over 45 years, welder, machinist, and (E&I, electrical and instrumentation). I called and spoke to the owner, I wanted to see the bad relay. Suddenly the story changed, he said they had never found a bad relay, but they had found s shorted wire and repaired it for $453.77. I tried to post a review on their Webb site but it was rejected numerous times. It said my review was rejected because it contained spam. I understand now why their reviews are rated so high, bad reviews are not allowed. This bait and switch scam has been around for a long time. Beware of parts changers who call themselves technicians.

    Kayden Welding
    August 01, 2023

    It’s a pleasure every time I have to get my vehicle worked on with John and his friendly, knowledgeable staff. From an engine replacement to inspection sticker, it’s always been smooth and exactly what I expected.

    Richard Greene
    April 13, 2023

    Made an appointment 3 days before going in and in the appointment software wrote exactly what I needed done. I got there at my specified time. I discussed my issues again, advising that I wanted my brakes looked at, and I had a check engine light. They take my key and say they will call. 3 hours later they send me a text asking for $209.00 to start looking at my car. They knew what I wanted done when I made the appointment and again at 8:30 am when I discussed it with the front desk guy and could have told me then they needed payment to even start looking at my vehicle. I could have known this at 8:30 am when I was there in person. Then I was going to make the payment, but their software kept kicking me out and requiring a new code to log in again, so I could not make the payment. I ended up just picking up my vehicle and leaving. WENT TO ANOTHER SHOP, and they checked my brakes within 20 minutes at NO CHARGE. These guys, in my opinion, are a waste of time. I can not recommend them.

    Talisha Kendrick
    June 28, 2022

    I am a customer that is absolutely satisfied with John Chaks Automotive. Tyler and John and the employee that worked on my car are good good people. As I was waiting for the results of what was going on with my car I was observing everything around me. It was a comfortable atmosphere. Tyler and John were very kind and easy to get along with. I felt very pleased and comfortable and happy with everything they did for me. I also appreciate the employee that worked on my car because he went above and beyond for me. I wish I could have caught his name. But I will remember his face.😊 God Bless Each and everyone of You🙏 I most definitely plan to return to this company for all and every need I have on my vehicle. They're very honest people very easy to talk to very good with every client that came in because I was observing. Fun to talk to and very easy to make friends with. Thank you Tyler and thank you John and thank you to the kind employee that went above and beyond for me. Will see you soon 😊Thank You John Chaks Automotive for your Service ❤️ Kudos to you all 😊 Sincerely Satisfied 💯

    John Chaks Automotive

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