Love’s Travel Stop

2150 Leavenworth Trail, Calera, OK 74730, USA

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    Vijay Thakkar
    November 23, 2023

    It has hot fresh food options available. The restrooms are clean. Gas stations accept Apple Pay. Prices on gas are low compared to nearby gas stations. The cashier was courteous.

    Animesh D
    March 13, 2023

    Clean Love’s and have competitive gas price - restroom is clean. The attached subway is neat and provide a great dining experience. Staff is courteous and keep the store clutter free.

    Wyatt Benally
    May 07, 2024

    Got booted off their property,was not even in the way of sign around said no gougn priks.. company really needs to fuel else where..🤔..I'll send this to corpro my company and see what we drivers gotta deal with,when doing no harm and out of hours..😏

    One In-A-Million
    June 08, 2024

    I found parking late in the evening. #### TRUE STORY I am a lady commercial truck driver. Today is Friday, June 7th, 2024. Tuesday, I was passing through Oklahoma. I will go back through my trip plan and put the exact city and fuel stop below. I was at a Love’s Travel Center, at my assigned fuel stop and someone in an orange Rapid Allied Moving Company Truck, started knocking on the passenger side window. I glanced and glanced away because initially I thought it was a man trying to get my attention. I ignored the person. But, the person kept knocking on the passenger side window waving at me. I saw it was a young lady. I looked up and waved back briefly and turned my back. She kept knocking at the window waving. I continued to fuel my truck. Eventually, the driver returned to the truck and the truck drove off. I finished fueling. I went to truck parking and parked. The young lady constant waving and smiling returned to my mind. I felt earry, unsettled, bewildered to think she was trying to get my attention and she needed help. The trucking companies train us truck drivers to notice possible human trafficking. I honestly think the young, Black woman (girl) may have needed my assistance. I’m going to look at my trip plan, my assigned fuel stop, and contact Love’s and the Center for Human Trafficking. I hope it’s not too late for me to help the young woman who kept waving at me. I believe I encountered a young lady attempting to get my attention at the Love’s in Colbert, Oklahoma on June 4th, 2024 @ approximately 3:30-4:30. There is no time stamped on my fuel receipt.

    Walter Sobchak
    February 13, 2024

    So you have corn dog’s together in the warmer with a price on them and then it’s double said price although they are in a boat together and not wrapped up.. that’s disgusting it’s already a dirty store with sub par customer service. I recommend not eating here. No one is paying $5 for 2 corn dogs that other customers touched you idiots. The health department needs to watch y’all close

    Love’s Travel Stop

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    2150 Leavenworth Trail, Calera, OK 74730, USA

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