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5278 W Main St, Durant, OK 74701, USA

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    Tamara -The truckers wife- Locke
    March 14, 2023

    Nice Loves! Clean store & restrooms, laundry facilities (3 dryers/2 washers). We’ve been having bad luck the last few weeks with the “loves” truck stops so it’s nice to be back in a clean place for the night( husband is a truck driver). Friendly personnel. They have all the snacks & goodies & quick on-the-go foods. They have a ‘Chesters’ & ‘godfather pizza’ connected. They don’t have the normal selection of souvenirs but there’s a few. To the Loves staff I thank you! I do have one complaint-stay on the toilets a bit more, seems like people have upset stomachs today🤢 I still give this loves 5-stars!

    Arram (Spiritus Sancti)
    March 04, 2024

    This loves is a trendsetter! Although they do need balsamic vinaigrette or some type of vegan safe dressing, but places like casey's, flying j, 7-eleven, shell stations, they need to follow this, every place that has salad needs to have a garden salad without chicken, without him Dash there are vegans and vegetarians all over the world that don't want egg or croutons or cheese or meet in their salad! They don't want animal DNA in their stomach, you're not supposed to eat that stuff, Genesis 1:29- thank you loves!

    Shaun Insall
    March 25, 2024

    I waited to post this review after attempting to talk to the store manager. However after asking on 2 different occasions. I've yet to speak with them. So, on Friday 3/22/2024. I stopped to fuel up the truck. This particular Loves happens to be in my route. And I stop every 3 days in my route circle to get fuel. (At least around $900 in diesel, every time). This particular, I punch in my numbers, get the pumps set up and the pump would start and immediately shut off. I ended the transaction and tried to restart. Same thing happened again. I went inside to tell the employee on duty that there was an issue. The dude acted like I was an inconvenience and a bother to let him know there was a problem with the diesel pumps. Much to my surprise, he knew about the problem but really had no explanation other than that he had called the "help desk" and that they didn't know what to do either. Amd to add to it, he said that maybe shutting it off and starting again. Ok, i already did that. But just gave me the answer that he couldn't help me. Well, if you knew there were problems. Block the pumps off with cones so that no one else has to deal with the headache and your negative attitude. Now, this may be judgemental on my part. But when you're at work, and you're walking around wearing a Hoodie sweatshirt over your uniform with the words "shhhh... no one cares". What does that say about the level of customer service the public should expect from you. What does that say about management who let's you wear it and the company you represent. Loves' company slogan is "clean places, friendly faces". But you got this guy working in your store. With an IDGAF attitude and wearing clothing branded to match. Heres the facts. 78% of customers have backed out of a purchase due to a poor customer experience. 96% of Unhappy Customers Don't Complain, but 91% of Those Will Simply Leave. The decline in customer service is prevelant. But it usually comes down to not taking the time or the effort to instill core service training for all customer-interfacing employees. These businesses do not recognize that the cost to acquire a new customer is always, always higher than simply taking better care of and retaining your current customers. Beyond that, customer service sets the stage for the rest of your company to succeed. Your customer service’s impact is more widely felt than that of any other team. When they fail, everyone does — and your customers know it. Do better, people. It's really not that difficult.

    Jamison Cutaia
    June 24, 2023

    Clean showers 🚿 clean restrooms 🚽 Clean spot to eat. Friendly staff. 👍 One of my favorite loves. Thank you

    Robert Dorris
    August 02, 2022

    Their coffee is always good. Don't forget to take your cup or thermos inside and get the refill price!

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