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    denise primus
    January 07, 2023

    I generally have a good experience with this location. For a reason unknown to me, the wait time was longer than usual. I was okay with waiting, because historically the food is fresh and worth it. However today, I was served steamed rice with my meal that is filled with hardened pieces because according to staff, it is made the night before and the server forgot to remove the harden pieces. Unfortunately, the harden pieces dominates the meal. Secondly, the orange chicken does not taste fresh and is hard as well. While I was offered to return for fresh rice, my reasoning for writing this review is to express the importance of quality service and how important it is that quality is also applied with the food. Serve me fresh food the first time. I am a paying customer expecting quality service, not to be told, that I can return to the restaurant to have fresh rice made for me, which will take an additional 30 minutes after I have already waited 30 minutes to get hardened steamed rice and orange chicken. Please do better.

    Cynthia Westbrook
    February 10, 2023

    I love Panda Food. I especially like the mixed greens. I may half it with chow mein .Today I got one of my favorites, sweet fire chicken. I added some rangoons. I love the rangoons with sweet and sour sauce. However, sometimes this Panda cuts it a little short on ordering supplies. This happens often so I mention it. You notice my bowl is a plate because they were out of bowls, and out of sweet tea, and out of sweet and sour sauce. I still ate well, but it missed a little this time.

    Jordon King
    May 26, 2023

    I generally visit this location about twice a week. Sometimes the super greens are not seasoned the greatest and are a little under cooked. The staff is generally ok to deal with. The food at lunch is usually pretty fresh and tasty. I will say I feel sorry for the cashier having to ask every time if I would like to donate to some unknown foundation that I always refuse (I donate to places that I can generally see my money being put to good use). Management please allow your employees to make an exception for "regulars". It's annoying for the customer and the employees.

    Jeremy Hiesler
    May 11, 2023

    Awful. Please drive to Oklahoma, Thackerville specifically, to your nearest, edible, panda express. We went through the drive through received no soy sauce went inside waited another 5 minutes, and finally got some. Then once home, found out my bowl of orange chicken and white rice was actually fried rice. Absolutely disgusting, theres been many other incidents, goes without saying we will not be back. Ill go to the whataburger right next door amd wait 10 min. Before dealing with them again.

    The Edge
    March 14, 2023

    WE WON'T EVER EAT AT PANDA EXPRESS AGAIN!!! I ordered a three entree meal & I had a free entree (emailed coupon) from panda express (after completing a survey) & the lady with the head wrap said she didn't know how to do the free entree coupon, so she called over Aiden (he said he was the manager). He didn't accept the free entree email that had a barcode on it, & he said " I've been here for over a year & I know how to do my job." I kept telling him that the third entree is free with the coupon I received in the email, & he said "NO ITS NOT." They accept them at any of the other panda express places that I've been to. No more panda express for my family ever again.

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