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    Justin Bachman
    October 09, 2023

    Disgusting!!! Ordered online and paid online, order took over an hour. I can understand being busy and being behind. However, the staff was extremely rude, never acknowledged any of the customers waiting. They did ask if the cowboys game was over, then showed general disappointment that it hadn’t even started. The entire staff were completely filthy, looked like they hadn’t showered in days or changed clothes. The guy with a beard cussed constantly, even to phone in customers. Now to the pizza! As I waited 45 minutes in the lobby, now an hour after placing order, one pizza was already done just sitting on the shelf. The pizza was stone cold and wasn’t even cut. It was a stuffed crust and the cheese was like a rock. They also couldn’t complete my order and they claimed not to know how to give a refund. The hamburger meat tasted weird, over 3/4 of the order went in the trash and we ate cereal. I’ll never use Papa Johns again.

    Nathan Reffitt
    November 20, 2023

    I placed an order online for this location, and when I arrived to pickup my order the lady at the register said she couldn't find my order, I showed my order and proof of payment "bank withdraw" but was told they didnt have my order and wouldn't help me. I was told that because something I ordered, they didn't carry it, so it placed my order at the Sherman location, which is 30 miles away. Then, while trying to get something figured out, some guy with long hair came to the counted demanding I leave the store. So, here I am, no food, $22 less in my account, and an extremely bad taste in my mouth for Papa John's. That really sucks! I love Papa John's. I travel nationally for my job and can always find a location and have NEVER had an experience like tonight's. My suggestion is figuring out why this happened, fixing it, and for God's sake, make that boy put his hair up and out of the prep area. That's gross..

    Melanie Casey
    October 10, 2021

    We ordered a pizza and wings from here two days ago and the pizza was burnt, and you might as well go to wasn't and get the wings in a bag because those taste better than this restaurants did. we went up and got it replaced, it was still burnt. The next day we went and got another replacement one and guess what? It was STILL BURNT. We just took the pizza home, we got tired of messing with them. They blamed it on the a/c being out, but from the other reviews from a year ago I can tell that's not the case. Not worth the money. Better luck going to another location or just go to a while other chain.

    Brandon Holmes
    September 13, 2023

    The puzzq tastes nothing like papa John's. The owner or manager has opr3d foe cheaper ingredients. They're using cheese filler for the cheese. Cheese filler is used when the cost of real cheese is real high to offset food cost. Well they're just using straight cheese filler as the cheese. It's unhealthy and I'm calling the health dept. The last pizza we got there i found a long brown hair on it. Ewe

    alexis parrish
    June 21, 2023

    This place is trash! I gave papa johns so many chances and I’m done! You don’t mess with a pregnant mama in the heat and mess with her food. I ordered 2 6 piece wings and large pepperoni pizza .. they called me and told me on the phone they only had one 6piece wings left so I told them I will take the other 6 piece and some breadsticks. I got to the store and they tell me I can’t get any wings and they just gave me a full box of burnt up breadsticks. To say how mad I was is an understatement. This place is straight up trash never coming here again.

    Papa Johns Pizza

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