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1275 US, OK-70A, Wilson, OK 73463, USA

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    August 19, 2022

    Delicious food! Always good! I have only ordered this item one time and that's because it is to much food for one person to eat. I always have leftovers from anything I order and this is no exception. The restaurant is small and can be very busy at times. A bar has been added which takes up enough room of about 2 tables. No bar is needed in this place, in my own opinion. Update...bar has now been taken out which opened up more seating. Food was starting to get a bit 'blah' but now it seems they have really stepped up their game and food has been delicious!

    Katie Arnold
    March 26, 2024

    Usually I love this place, not so much recently. I had family from out of town come in amd we decided on lunch. I was pretty embarrassed I raved so much on it. We decided on a later lunch was about 2 on Saturday. Was not busy but not empty maybe 4 tables max with 2 servers. We were seared quickly and got drinks. My sister asked server what she recommended amd the waitress replied "I don't know I don't eat here" not the best thing to tell someone that's never been to the place before. We pushed through and ordered. Tje food was mediocore at best. So so salty and I love salt and like alot of it. This however was wildly over salted. We couldn't even eat it. We stuck to the beans amd rice thay came with our meals. The server never checked up on us and we had to get our own to go boxes. Again 2 servers and not busy. Overall I was overly disappointed. We left sad and still hungry. Hope things turn a corner and it was just an off day

    Bob Counsil
    December 14, 2023

    Food is good. Service is poor. They try to charge you for drinks when you don’t order them. Went with a friend and he told me last time he was there, they charged him for a Tea when he just had water. When i went to pay a couple days ago, I noticed the bill was high. They don’t show you an itemized receipt. When I asked to see the receipt because it seemed high, they were like “oh, I must have charged you for Tea”. Just like they did to my friend last time. Seems like a pattern. I will never go back. Sad because they serve pretty good food.

    Crystal Clarkson
    March 22, 2024

    Amazing Mexican food 🌮 🇲🇽. The staff is so friendly and the restaurant is very clean. Great sweet tea as well. 🍺

    Jacque Morgan
    September 21, 2023

    Since ownership changed, quality has declined a good bit. As stated, it is the only choice in this tiny town but, come on, guys! The last several times we have been in, we’ve been disappointed more and more. Last night, there was only 2 waitstaff working, which I understand. I didn’t have a problem getting my own menus and I would have gotten silverware if there was any rolled as well. We made allowances for the wait and for the phone ringing constantly and going unanswered. However, I ordered a combo and asked for a chicken enchilada with verde sauce and no beans, got beef with beans on the plate. My son ordered tacos with beans only, no rice, just like that, and got the tacos only with no side at all. The rice was bland and different from prior visits. The recipe changes when the new ownership took over and we liked it better, but last night it was different yet again and tasteless. The time before both of my kids ordered tacos with no beans. An entree that comes with beans and rice should still get the rice if it’s ordered with no beans, right? The waiter argued the point with me and my kids ended up with no side at all that time because I just let it go. I really want to support the local restaurant but it’s getting more difficult!

    potrillos of wilson ok

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