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    Vlad Țepeș
    May 08, 2024

    I was a Prosper Air customer from 2015 through 2023. Last July, our AC went out on a holiday. I couldn't get a hold of them (no issue there, it was a holiday) and they returned my call a day later and stopped by. At that point, I'd already had the air handler fixed by a larger company as it was urgent due to having a 1-yr old in the home. That other company recommended a full air handler replacement. As I was a Prosper Air customer, I asked them to give me a second opinion. They did, and agreed it should probably be replaced as it was coming up on 8 years old and had a leak. They sent me a quote by email. I chose to go with their replacement as they have done good work before, and treated us well. My email response to that quote was the last time I had any effective communication with them. Tabitha has been totally unresponsive to calls, text messages, and emails. I contacted her over the course of FIVE months to try and get the replacement scheduled. Every 4-5 emails/texts she would say "oh yea I still have this scheduled and will get back to you..." A few months later, I just got tired of it and changed AC company. My new company is super responsive, and have provided perfect service. Prosper Air, you need to do better. You lost an 8-year customer. Hire someone to take your calls and do the scheduling. Be responsive and don't lie to people. You'll run out of customers if you treat customers the way you treated me.

    Terri Fox
    May 10, 2024

    Tabitha owner of Prosper Air has been servicing my clients, family & friends for years. This week w two of the hottest days reaching mid 90’s our A/C motor blower went out. Tabitha came out after hours diagnosed it and had it replaced within 24 hrs. I highly recommend her. For all you HVAC needs.

    Tricia H
    April 24, 2024

    I would not use Prosper Air based on my experience in dealing with the owner, Tabitha Alsdurf. I hired Prosper Air to check what I assumed was a faulty HVAC unit in my home during extreme temperatures in August. The company was recommended by a local resident who had only used them for basic annual HVAC maintenance such as cleaning the outside unit, checking electrical connections, replacing filters. Due to the reference, Tabitha agreed to move up our issue and come out after hours for $125. She replaced the dual capacitor and charged $120 for a total of $251.86. Tabitha never stepped foot in the home or attic although we stated we could run home from our dinner to accommodate whatever she needed to get the temps down in the house. She called me at dinner for payment and I happily obliged thinking the issue with the temps in the 80’s in the house were over. Overnight the temps came down a few degrees but by 1:30, on Saturday the temp was creeping up. After questioning if the thermostat upstairs should be at the same temp and Tabitha not offering any other options to trouble shoot after sending her screen shots of the thermostats climbing to 78 despite being set at 71, Tabitha’s response via text “It can’t keep up with 110 degree heat.” I texted, “Tabitha, with all due respect….This is exactly where we were yesterday. We are now setting at 77 degrees in the house, so no change. I’m struggling with having paid over $250 with no improvement. I am laid off and that is money I did not have.” Her response was “Ok..” I was shocked at the uncaring response and that her nonchalant attitude must be a sign of her shoddy work as well. After taking some deep breaths because I couldn’t believe that a small business owner would respond is such an outrageous way, I decide to take the high road and ask her what the next step is as I’ve turned the zone upstairs off as was suggested and in only two hours it was 87 degrees upstairs, 77 degrees downstairs. I asked if she was planning to come back out again since the issue was not corrected the previous night. I never received a response or an offer to correct. I finally got her on the phone to state that she didn’t fix the problem and she replied that the outside unit was dirty, and she had to spray it off. I told her that was not the case because we had recently sprayed it off and changed the filter although neither were really needed as we were attempting to troubleshoot the issue before calling her. Tabitha then asked if I wanted my old capacitor back if she could find it in the back of the truck…..? What? We were exasperated and I explained if she knew in advance that replacing the capacitor might not work due to the extreme heat, the right thing to do would have been to have stated that up front so I could make the call to replace or not especially after hours for an extra $125. She agreed to review the invoice to refund a portion, however after two attempts to contact her via email she chose not to respond. Tabitha was nonresponsive to multiple texts and calls and did not volunteer to come out to troubleshoot the job. Finally, she agreed on the phone to review the invoice to refund a portion of the charges since she knew her “fix” of the problem was not going to work. I followed up in email on two more occasions via email August 31, September 21 to no avail. It was apparent that she agreed on the phone to review the invoice to come to an agreed amount to refund was merely a ploy to get us off the phone. She was unconcerned, unapologetic, unresponsive, and uncaring. Overall, an incredibly horrible customer service experience. It’s apparent Tabitha may be capable of basic handyman helper maintenance issues, however under no circumstances would I use them for diagnostics, repair, installation or replacement or any other kind of issue because she was unable to troubleshoot the issue and was unwilling to work towards any kind of customer resolution.

    Ed Price
    January 14, 2024

    Great Heating & Air service/repair company! This family-owned business is excellent and they are prompt and professional. We had HVAC issues that they diagnosed and repaired within 24 hours. I highly recommend this business for your HVAC needs.

    stephanie linthicum
    October 29, 2023

    Prosper Air came out quickly to fix my heater! I was so impressed with their professionalism, price and communication! I will definitely be using them again.

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